HMRC Employer Bulletin - February 2017

13 February 2017


The latest Employer Bulletin is now available; a bi-monthly publication from HMRC which provides employers and agents with the latest information on payroll topics.


This Employer Bulletin (issue 64) is packed full of useful material about the forthcoming tax year-end and also a good summary of the changes happening from April 2017.



The bulletin includes a reminder that if you want to payroll your expenses and benefits you will need to let HMRC know before the start of the tax year. Allow yourself enough time to check your software and tell your staff before 6 April 2017. You can register anytime using HMRC’s payrolling benefits and expenses online service.


Apprenticeship Levy

There is a summary article of the Apprenticeship Levy which will apply from April 2017.  The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) are now inviting all levy-paying employers (in England) to register on the new apprenticeship service, through which they can plan, manage and pay for their apprenticeships online.


Scottish Income Tax

In an update on Scottish Income Tax HMRC say that they are aware that some employers are not operating the correct tax code. To help prevent this, it is imperative that all employers use the latest payroll software which is aligned with the latest HMRC PAYE Desktop Viewer version 2.43. Employers must ensure their payroll software is up to date prior to 18 February 2017 to be able to apply the correct tax code.


For further details on these subjects and many more ‘must read’ topics, see the Employer Bulletin.