Helen Hargreaves joins Nick Day on the payroll podcast

17 October 2018

In this episode, payroll policy, strategy and technology for Generation Z, I sit down with Helen Hargreaves, associate director of policy at the CIPP to discuss payroll legislation, payroll policy, payroll strategy and payroll technology. In particular, we consider how these core payroll fundamentals are adapting to the worlds changing workforce, in particular, ‘generation Z’ and the gig economy.

The gig economy and 'Generation-Z' are causing businesses to rethink how they approach business, engagement, policy and technology.  Payroll is no exception, and this is evident in new payroll services being offered and developed such as pay-on-Demand.  Having spent over 27 years with the HMRC, Helen has a comprehensive background in payroll and has seen the industry change and adapt time and again to the changing demands of industry.  In this episode, we explore these changes in more detail.

There are few payroll professionals in the industry with more expertise in payroll so if you are passionate about payroll and the future, we recommend you download and subscribe to this episode and save it to your favourites!

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