HMRC homepage now redirected to GOV.UK

16 December 2014

HMRC have confirmed that they havenow redirected the HMRC website homepage to GOV.UK,the single website for all government information and theplace to access government services. They say that by the end of December all guidance for customers will be accessed through GOV.UK.

The HMRC announcement says that:

“Anyone trying to access the HMRC homepage at will now automatically be redirected to the HMRC organisation page on GOV.UK, whereyou can find HMRC information and guidance. Not all of the content on the HMRC website has moved to GOV.UK yet, but anything that hasn't, such as our manuals, will remain available on the HMRC website until we move it across.

Guidance on topics we know are relevant to a lot of our customers, including Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Tax Credits, Self Assessment, Child Benefit and VAT, has already moved to GOV.UK. By the end of December, we’ll also have moved all of our remaining guidance for customers to the GOV.UK site.

HMRC’s existing online services – the ones customers need to sign into, such as Self Assessment, won’t change as a result of this move, but our customers will now access them from GOV.UK. In the longer-term, these services will be completely transformed as part of HMRC's ambitious digital plans, and will join new digital services such as Your Tax Account for business, Digital Self Assessment, and the Tax Credits Online service we made available earlier this year.

Any content that doesn’t move to GOV.UK – because there’s no longer a current need for it – will still be available on the National Archives website.”


CIPP comment

The CIPP Policy Team continues to monitor the transition of HMRC content to GOV.UK, and would welcome comments from members at [email protected]