HMRC Talking Point webinars

28 September 2016

228 September 2016

If you have missed previous webinars you may be able to access a recording via Agent digital meetings, webinars and videos – scroll down to the bottom of the page for previous webinars that include a wide range of subjects many of which are directly related to pay and expenses and Benefits in Kind (BiKs). Details of future webinars are also included on the page.

Friday       07 October      13:00 to 14:00              Register now for this session

Subject - Statutory Resident Test - Split Year Treatment: Principles of split year treatment under the Statutory Resident Test, cases 1-3 only and the priority order.

Friday       14 October      13:00 to 14:00             Register now for this session

Subject - Double Taxation for Individuals: Dual residence, time limits for Double Taxation claims and Mutual Agreement Procedure.