HMRC Weekly Update 24

20 June 2014

HMRC have issued their 24th weekly update, including an announcement that these weekly updates are no longer to be issued:

This is the final issue of the HMRC Weekly Update. Over the last few months the Weekly Update has mainly consisted of a round up of some of the messages already published on the ‘What’s new’ pages of our website. As this information is already available to you and we now publish the Employer Bulletin on a bi-monthly basis instead of three times per year, a decision has been made to withdraw the weekly update. If however any issues or changes arise which, as key stakeholders, you should be notified about we will continue to contact you direct.

Please share this update with your respective membership and contacts as appropriate.When sharing this with colleagues and networks, I would be very grateful if you would stress the context in which is sent; namely as informal highlights as a result of listening to employer feedback and working in partnership with you.

2013/14 Interim penalty warning letter

A number of employers have incorrectly been sent an interim penalty warning letter when they have, in fact, submitted all of their RTI returns for 2013/14. Most of the letters that have been issued inappropriately relate to employers who have sent in Employer Payment Summaries (EPS). If you or your client has received a warning letter and you have successfully filed all of your returns, you do not need to take any further action. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and are taking urgent steps to rectify the situation. All of the records impacted by this issue will be updated and a penalty will not be charged.

End of Year Expenses and Benefits iForm

The new online End of Year Expenses and Benefits iForm is now available to download and make expenses and benefits returns for 2013-14 if you have 150 employee forms P11D/P9D or less to submit. It can also be used to amend a P11D, or a P9D, that’s already been submitted for 2013-14.

The iForm also includes the functionality to complete form P11D(b) only, but this must be printed off and posted to HMRC.To download the iForm, or for further information, please go to our website

All Forms P11D(b) and P11D forms must be submitted to HMRC by 6 July.

Employer Bulletin 48

Issue 48 of the Employer Bulletin is now available. Aimed at employers and agents, it contains important information and news about topics which may affect payroll obligations to HMRC.

IR35 intermediaries legislation

The IR35 FAQs have been replaced with updated guidance