HMRC third party tax software and API strategy

02 September 2015

“The API strategy recognises that it is important to work collaboratively with developers of tax software to help deliver high quality digital services for businesses and agents up and down the country “

These are the words of the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke on a recent visit to a new digital delivery centre in Telford.

HMRC recognises that many of its customers, particularly businesses and agents, choose to use commercially available tax software. The recently published HMRC third party tax software and application programming interface (API) strategy shows how HMRC plans to work more closely with software developers by releasing improved APIs.

This new approach will:

  • allow developers to do much more
  • benefit customers by helping them to get their tax tasks right first time
  • enable HMRC to continue to improve compliance.

This will mean more tax software products to choose from; ones that increasingly help employers and agents to get it right first time and make the administration of tax easier.