Business Tax Dashboard improvements

23 May 2014

HMRC has improved the information and supporting guidance on the Business Tax Dashboard PAYE screens following customer feedback.

The main changes can be seen on both the Business Tax Dashboard's 'Current position' screens and in the information that employers can find using the "(?)" help icons.

For example, the screen changes and revised help information for "Amount paid in period" and "Amount due in period" now provide more detail on:

  • how the amount due is calculated
  • when HMRC updates the 'Amount due' shown on the screen
  • the payment date
  • how payments are allocated and reallocated
  • the Employment Allowance

HMRC has also added links to existing employer guidance to provide further information.

Other Business Tax Dashboard screens and help icons have been similarly improved to help clarify the data that employers see.

CIPP comment

The CIPP is really pleased to see further improvements to the dashboard. It has been the root of much confusion for many employers when trying to reconcile their accounts. We hope HMRC will continue to invest in the dashboard and make even further improvements to assist their customers.