HMRC to open revolutionary new Digital Centre

21 January 2014

HMRC has announced that their new Digital Centre will be built in Newcastle and the services designed and launched by the centre will make it simpler, clearer and faster for people and businesses to manage their tax affairs digitally.

HMRC will continue to improve the digital services they already offer and over the next few months will be recruiting some of the best IT talent in the UK with the skills to design, test and build new digital services. They are seeking people with world-class digital experience who can demonstrate that they understand the potential of digital services to transform customers’ experiences of managing their tax affairs.

HMRC digital staff and technology suppliers will work together in the Digital Centre to identify the needs of taxpayers, test new services with real users, and keep improving them once they are released to the public.

HMRC will initially recruit more than 50 digital specialists to the Digital Centre. The new jobs range from product managers, interaction designers and user researchers to technical architects and software developers. The first tranche of vacancies, which will be open to both existing HMRC staff and external candidates, will be advertised from 27 January. A further 30 existing HMRC staff will be dedicated to this centre.

HMRC aims to open another Digital Centre, focusing on digital analytics, later in the year although it has not yet announced where this will be located.

Mark Dearnley, HMRC’s Chief Digital and Information Officer, said:

“This is the start of our ambitious programme to transform HMRC’s online and digital services.

“The Digital Centres will foster a culture of innovation not seen across government before so that we can continually find new ways of supporting customers.

“This recruitment is the first step on our journey to offer a digital service that allows our customers to service their own needs online and reduces the dependence on paper services.”


Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital for the UK Government, said:

“Starting with the needs of users has led to a radical shift in the way we build and provide government services. Digital by default will make tax simpler, clearer and faster for users, and bring new skills and ways of working into HMRC.

The department’s exemplar digital services will go live by 2014, and Government Digital Service will be working closely with HMRC to develop its digital talent in the North East and throughout the UK.”