Withdrawal of HMRC E booklets - CIPP solution

07 March 2014

You may be aware that HMRC will no longer be producing a number of Employer help books. For those of you that value these, the CIPP has found a solution.

The latest issue of HMRC’s Employer Bulletin 46 (page 36) formally announced the end of the production of the following Employer help books and Statutory Payment booklets for April 2014:

  • E11 (Starting the tax year)
  • E13 (RTI) & E13 (Day to Day Payroll)
  • P49 (Employing someone for the first time)
  • E12 (PAYE and NICs rates and limits)
  • E14 (Statutory Sick Pay) E15 (Statutory Maternity Pay)
  • E16 (Statutory Adoption Pay)
  • E19 (Ordinary and Additional Statutory Paternity Pay).

With the new digital age fast approaching HMRC will, like other government departments be moving their guidance and information to GOV.UK over the coming months. As part of this work the E booklets we are used to in PDF format will no longer exist. The CIPP are however re-constructing the tables from these booklets to support you should you have the need to do a manual calculation, provide information to an employee or if you are a student, to assist you with your studies. The tables will be produced in PDF format and will be available in both colour and grey scale (to reduce printing costs). The tables will be available from 1 April 2014 through the CIPP website for anyone wishing to use them. We will publish further details nearer the time.