HMRC report shows call handling below 90 per cent target

24 January 2014

HMRC’s 2013-14 half-yearly performance report reveals that from April to September 2013, they handled 72.7 per cent of all call attempts.

The report states that this is an improvement on the same period last year, but below HMRC’s 90 per cent target.

HMRC say that they did not meet their target because of a number of factors, including:

  • technology-related issues
  • using extra people on their employer helpline to support the introduction of RTI
  • a very busy final week leading up to the tax credits renewal deadline on 31 July.

The report talks about HMRC’s plans to introduce new automated speech features on their most popular phone lines during this period to allow them to answer more calls. However, they took the decision to delay these changes until later in the year, while the new service was being fine- tuned ahead of a wider roll out which began this month.

For full details on HMRC's overall performance during April to September 2013, read the two page brief - HMRC’s 2013-14 half-yearly performance.