Have you brought a call to an HMRC helpline to an end before connecting to an adviser?

06 May 2015

If you have had a recent need to pick up the telephone to make a call to any one of the helplines of HM Revenue & Customers, we hope you will take the time to join us in our Quick Poll this week.

On the eve of the country going to vote in a more serious poll (assuming that postal votes haven’t long since been dispatched), we thought we would take a look at a long standing subject that the CIPP Policy team would like to have seen at the top of each and every political manifesto and that is, the subject of contact centre helplines.

We have focused on a shared experience with HMRC and yet, in a call for fairness, we are sure you will agree that we could probably have broadened this out to include most, if not all, contact centre phone lines.

Our question this week is Have you brought a call, to an HMRC helpline, to an end before connecting to an adviser?

The poll is located on the bottom right of the CIPP’s home page.

If you would like to follow up your Quick Poll vote with some feedback of your experiences, be they good, bad or ugly, to the CIPP Policy & Research team, then please drop us a line at policy.

Thank you