HMRC Helpline quick poll and the payroll industry says yes

12 May 2015

The CIPP quick poll that has been running for the last week asked a simple question 'Have you brought a call to an HMRC helpline to an end before connecting to an adviser?'

We gave a choice from one of four possible answers which were - Yes, No, Tempted and Every Time – space prevents us from expanding on lengthier or more descriptive possible responses.

The subject of Employer contact centres and helplines has been an issue of increasing concern to our membership and so whilst we expected a reasonable response to this poll we hadn’t expected 121 responses in the first 24 hours and an overall response rate by the end of the week of 210 responses, which broke down as follows:










Every Time



I think it is fair to say that had ‘No’ been in the General Election it would have lost its deposit.

Thank you to members who contacted us directly with feedback not only of their experiences with the contact centres but also in achieving issue resolution.

Based on the results of this quick poll it would appear that the 2010 – 2015 coalition policy to make it easier for HMRC customers to deal with their taxes may have fallen short of its mark ‘by March 2015, HMRC customers can expect that we will answer 90% of telephone calls made…’. Certainly that could be one perception drawn from the results of this quick poll.

The Policy Team will be feeding back these significant poll results to HMRC.

This week’s CIPP Poll

Our quick poll for this week is on another subject that we know many, quite rightly, have an opinion about and that is on the subject of GOV.UK.

Simpler, clearer, faster – but has the quality of PAYE guidance improved following its transition to GOV.UK?

Have your say by visiting the CIPP Poll on our home page (bottom right) and as ever please feed back more detail if you wish to us via policy.