HMRC new service for customers who need extra help

23 April 2014

As you may be aware HMRC is introducing a new service for customers who need extra help to get their taxes and entitlements right. The new service will replace their network of Enquiry Centres which will close by the end of June.

Subcontractors have been identified as one of the customer groups who use the Enquiry Centres. Customers who have previously used the Enquiry Centres need to know that from June if they want to contact HMRC they must phone the usual helplines first. Where a face-to-face meeting is appropriate, HMRC will able to arrange an appointment with one of their mobile advisers.

Details of the new service can be found in the Issue Briefing which was published in February.

You can view a copy of the leaflet, which HMRC are distributing to their customers explaining the changes, through the link below.

HMRC Enquiry Centres A4 Leaflet