13 August 2013

HMRC has published a message on their website regarding RTI reconciliation issues.

We have received feedback that some PAYE schemes have experienced difficulties in reconciling the difference between:

· the tax we say is due, and

· the tax they think is due

We have set up a dedicated team to identify the cause of these discrepancies.

The team is working with a number of PAYE schemes to work through their examples to examine what is causing these discrepancies, and then to resolve them.

This will also enable us to:

· understand the issue in greater depth, and

· take the steps necessary to prevent them arising in the first place

Each time we identify a root cause we will update our guidance, where appropriate, as soon as possible. We have already updated the View your current PAYE payment and submission position section of our guidance for employers using HMRC's PAYE Online, to make it clearer when we update this information, and what information will be available at any given time.

CIPP comment

Members who are part of the CIPP RTI online SIG will already be aware that HMRC are dealing with a number of reconciliation issues that the policy team have passed to HMRC on their behalf.

To become a member of the RTI or other listed SIG, send an email to [email protected] with your membership number and the name of the group you wish to join.