CIPP survey: recovering over payments - do you self-serve?

25 September 2015

If you have overpaid or have a credit on your PAYE scheme, HMRC guidance suggests that you can recover this credit by self-serving. Please take a moment to complete our short survey.

HMRC defines 'self-serving' as adjusting the subsequent month or months payments to account for the credit thus avoiding the need for making lengthy contact and for HMRC to make repayments in year when future charges will become due.

The CIPP Policy Team is interested to hear from members who have recovered an overpayment. We would like to know whether you have recovered your overpayment by self-serving (as above) or whether you have chosen to recover the overpayment another way, and if the latter, then why?

We have created a very short survey, there are only two questions and we would be grateful if you could take a moment or two to complete it to share what method you have chosen in the past and why you chose that method. The survey will close on 30 September.

Thank you for your time.