HMRC stakeholder update - number 13

04 April 2014

Business Tax Dashboard this weekend

Due to HMRC’s scheduled April IT release, there will be a short delay before the PAYE information that customers send in real time is reflected on the Dashboard.

We will update the Dashboard early on the morning of Friday 4 April, with the next update then being on Monday 7 April.

Please also note that the Dashboard will not be available to view between 8am on Saturday, 5 April and 6.30am on Monday, 7 April.

National Insurance contributions (NICs) Employment Allowance

Up to £2,000 off your employer Class 1 NICs from 6 April 2014. HMRC has now published the Employment Allowance arrangements and additional guidance on eligibility (including connected businesses and charities).

PAYE: What to do if your employee asks why they don't have a new tax code

HMRC hasn't issued some notices of coding to your employees for 2014 to 2015 - find out why and what to do if you get queries.

Basic PAYE Tools for 2014-15

HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools product for the 2014-15 tax year is now available.

Are you completing P9Ds needlessly for employees in receipt of medical benefit?

Do you know that if your employees earn less than the rate of £8,500 AND you arrange and pay the medical benefit provider directly for the treatment or insurance, you do not need to complete a P9D.