HMRC severe weather support

11 January 2016

A reminder that if you are experiencing difficulty meeting your tax obligations due to the recent severe weather, HMRC can help with payment options.

HMRC set up a dedicated helpline in December to enable anyone affected to get practical help and advice on a wide range of tax problems they may be facing.

To assist those affected, HMRC will:

  • agree installment arrangements where taxpayers are unable to pay as a result of the floods
  • agree a practical approach when individuals and businesses have lost vital records to the floods
  • suspend debt collection proceedings for those affected by the floods
  • cancel penalties when the taxpayer has missed statutory deadlines.

The helpline - 0800 904 7900 - is in addition to other HMRC telephone contact numbers. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 4pm, excluding bank holidays.