More than half of UK employees will ask for a pay raise in 2016

25 January 2016

The new research by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half showed that more than half (54%) of UK employeesplan to ask for a salary increase in 2016 and just over a third (36%) would wait for the next performance review for a salary increase.

While a quarter (24%) of employees in the UK would seek alternative employment if their boss said no to a higher salary, only 11% of employees in Germany and Belgium, 10% of employees in the Netherlands and 5% of employees in France would find another job.

Just over a third (36%) of UK employees would wait for the next performance review for a salary increase, compared to their more patient equivalents in France, where 62% of employees would sit it out till the next review, Germany (52%), Netherlands (43%) and Belgium (40%).

One strategy that employees can use to secure a result even when a higher salary is refused is to request something else, such as a different role, more company perks or share options. Yet UK workers are only slightly more likely to ask for alternative rewards (27%) than they are to look for another role (24%).

7,500 employees in UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US were surveyed in October 2015 by an independent market research firm.