Immigration Bill to create a consistent experience for taxpayers

03 August 2015

As part of the new Immigration Bill, all public sector staff working in customer-facing roles will be required to speak fluent English.

The new legislation, to be introduced in September, will mean that all public sector organisations must ensure that staff can communicate effectively with the public, to what is expected to be at least ‘level 2’ – equivalent to a C or above at GCSE.

This requirement would increase, depending on the nature of the role and profession. Doctors, for example, are already required to have a much higher level of English. Organisations including the NHS, armed forces and state-funded schools will all be bound by a new code of practice which will be produced following a consultation in the autumn. The legislation and code of practice will apply to both existing and new employees working in public-facing roles.

New language requirements have already been brought in for migrants, but will be the first time there has been a co-ordinated approach to enforcing fluent English across the public sector.

Read the full press release from the Cabinet Office.