Important change to your CPD service

23 October 2019

Developing and maintaining your knowledge and skills is essential in such a fast-paced, evolving and demanding profession. A fundamental way in which our members do this is through practising continuing professional development (CPD). 

In our efforts to continually improve our CPD logging tool for our members, we have added new categories and will be removing the category ‘Other’ on Friday 22 November. 

Any CPD record with a category of other after this date will be automatically allocated 1 CPD point.

This update will make the tool more user-friendly, provide more options to cover the breadth of the professional activities that are being conducted and better help you identify further development for the future.

The option to log new CPD records using the category of ‘Other’ was removed from the tool last year. However, several members have historical records logged under this category.

If you have logged CPD using the ‘Other’ category and want to ensure you get the points that you deserve, please visit the CPD page and recategorise any affected records.

It is easy to do this.

  • Visit
  • Log in with your account username and password
  • Identify affected CPD records
  • Click the blue ‘Edit’ button next to the record
  • Select an appropriate CPD category and activity type from the drop-down menu
  • Click continue
  • That’s it! This will save your record and allocate the appropriate points for the chosen category

Please ensure that you make any changes to affected records by midday on Friday 22 November.

If you are unsure about how to re-allocate the activity, are struggling to re-classify it appropriately or want some information on the benefits of recording your CPD, visit our FAQ page here or contact the team at [email protected]  / 0121 712 1000.