08 September 2021

Yesterday was another great day in National Payroll Week with many great events taking place. We had Polly Sinclair, Programme Tutor from West Suffolk College, explore how you can create a culture of proactive learning and development in your team. Followed by the Head of Reward and Deputy Director of Human Resources at the University of Lincoln, Ian Hodson, who hosted a discussion group with the topic of 'Financial Wellbeing'. He looked into the role payroll has on the financial wellbeing of colleagues and employees, before breaking into groups to allow the delegates to share their own views.

If you missed out on any of these, don't worry, we still have two more days filled with great events. Here's what's coming up:

Thursday 9 September

Our first event taking place on day four of National Payroll Week from 10:00am-11:00am, is 'Are you ready to run your HR and Payroll like a boss?' where our host, Tom Ritchie, Product Marketing Manager from Sage, is joined by speakers Steve Watmore, Product Manager at Sage, Joanne Pringle, Product Manager at Sage, and Hayley Saunders, HR Technical Consultant from Adviser Plus. They will share their knowledge on payroll in a changing world, provide advice on getting it right first time, highlight common mistakes, offer top tips and how to plan ahead for payroll year end.

Next, from 12:30pm-1:15pm, join Samantha Johnson, CIPP's Policy lead, as she hosts a discussion group with the topic 'Beyond the Pandemic'. She will discuss what has changed and share what you have learned whilst delivering payroll during the pandemic. Samantha will share her thoughts before we break into discussion groups to explore further. Samantha will then invite representatives from groups discussions to summarise their conversations.

The final event of the day is the 'Why innovation matters in payroll' panel discussion with speakers Vickie Graham, Business development director at CIPP, Julie Lock, Commercial Director at Mitrefinch, Simon Bocca, Founder and CEO of PayCaptain, and Sophie Burchell, Payroll Training Manager/Employer Support Group at BDO. The panel will explore what innovation means and, with the ever increasing demands on payroll professionals, is there time for innovation in payroll? They will discuss how to overcome barriers and drive forward innovation in payroll.

Friday 10 September

From 10:00am-11:00am, Hi's Founder and Ceo, David Brown, and Head of Payroll, Eira Hammond, host 'Disrupting Payroll' a webinar in conjunction with Hi. Hi is a payroll funding platform and Social Enterprise, are making waves in the industry through their unique combination of experiences. Enabling businesses to finance salary payments and helping employees benefit from instant pay, this webinar promises to be both informative and lively. 

Next, Fiona Smith, a training specialist at the CIPP, hosts the final CIPP bitesize training of the week, this time with the topic of statutory maternity payments. Join her from 11:30am-12:45pm as she covers the basics of SMP providing a refresher session or introduction for those new to payroll.

Following that is our highly anticipated CIPP advisory panel, from 12:30pm-1:15pm. During this session, our Advisory Service officers will answer your questions on a whole range of payroll, pensions and reward topics. Questions that have been sent in are ready to be answered by Gemma Mullis, Policy and advisory officer at CIPP, and Lorna Nicholls, Payroll advisory team leader at CIPP.

Finally, our last event of National Payroll Week is a panel discussion, with the topic 'How payroll standards can deliver strategic value to organisations'. Join speakers Vickie Graham, Business Director at CIPP, Phil Cass, Senior Account Manager at The Payroll Centre, and Sophie Burchell, Payroll Training Manager/Employer Support Group at BDO.

For all the information on the events in the final two days, check out our National Payroll Week calendar.