It’s time to Pay Your Pension Some Attention

24 October 2022

8 in 10 employees in the UK have a workplace pension, yet many say they don’t know how to find information about these savings, or don’t know they’ve been saving at all.

The Pension Attention campaign is led by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA). By teaming up with grime artist and TV star Big Zuu, along with multiple providers and schemes, the campaign hopes to boost engagement with pensions across the UK.

Your pension pots are your money from your hard work, for your future. Your pension allows you to gradually save and invest some of your hard-earned cash while you work, so that you have money to draw on later in life. Best of all, your employer contributes too – and you get a boost from the tax man.

It’s easy to keep track of what you’ve got and watch it grow

Those jobs you had in the past – did you make pension payments? Check your payslips and look out for old pension statements to find out where your pots are. There’s also a government service to help you find pensions from previous jobs – do an internet search for and lost pensions. Then make sure you sign-up for online access to your accounts so you can check-in on what’s yours, and see how it’s getting on.

Think about your future

You can check out what could be coming your way when you stop working using the pension calculator at The government provides a state pension but this may not provide the lifestyle you picture for your retirement, so you need to take into account your own pensions from your current and previous jobs.

Get answers to questions

There’s clear information available via your employers, your pension providers or from the free, impartial service at Our partners at Pension Awareness Week run free webinars on pension basics, or you can get help tracking down a pension you think you’ve lost with National Pension Tracing Day. It’s all waiting for you at Pension Attention.

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