Latest countdown bulletin published

31 August 2017

These bulletins provide guidance and updates to pension scheme administrators about the ending of contracting-out - part of the new State Pension which was brought in on 6 April 2016.

The bulletin highlights that there are only 13 months left to submit your final Scheme Reconciliation Service (SRS) queries to HMRC via SRS. HMRC will only accept scheme queries submitted up to October 2018 so that they can be resolved by the December 2018 service end date.

Countdown bulletin 27 also includes updates on:

  • Clerical query responses 

  • Completion of query templates and reject reasons 

  • Spouse Details Automated Solution 

  • Aggregated employments periods and refund of CEPs requests 

  • Scheme Reconciliation re-run requests 


Previous editions of the countdown bulletin are available on GOV.UK.

These bulletins are produced by the National Insurance Services to Pensions Industry (NISPI).