LGPS Regulations - guidance now includes a new Survivor Benefits guide

11 February 2014

Following on from previous updates on the subject of the LGPS Regulations the Local Government Association has updated their guidance to include FAQs.

Following on from our last update on 4 February, the LGA have notified us that a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is now available on the LGPS website under Guides and Publications.

This covers a number of the queries about the 2014 Scheme and the draft transitional regulations that the LGA have responded to in recent months, and provides up to date understanding of the requirements in a number of areas. The FAQs will be built upon in the coming months as further queries arise.

Please let us know if you have any questions that you think the LGA should include in the FAQs by emailing policy or through the CIPP’s Local Authority Special Interest Group.

Previous updates can be found on our website News pages and also under ‘Local Government Pensions’ within the CIPP Policy News Journal (left hand menu under News). You will require login details to access the Journal as it is a member only benefit.