Are the Low Pay Commissioners visiting an area near you in 2018?

05 March 2018

The planned visits will provide the opportunity for individuals to speak directly to the commissioners and to influence a policy that affects millions of workers and their employers and engagers every year. Opinions and evidence gathered throughout these visits will feed into the work programme that is necessary to support the recommendations, to the government, that the commission will be making later in the year for the 2019 minimum wage rates.

25-26 April                        Kendall South Lakeland

23-24 May                        Barnstaple and North Devon

13-14 June                        Newry, Northern Ireland

13-14 June                        Perth, Scotland

4-5 July                              Anglesey, Wales

8-9 August                        Birmingham

No relevant discussion points would be excluded but during 2018 the commissioners are keen to hear about:

  • How businesses have responded to rising wage costs from the NLW and NMW – has it led to higher wage bills, and what action have businesses taken in response? Has it affected employment levels, productivity, or other pay and benefits?
  • What workers think of the rates and their employers’ reactions to minimum wage increases
  • This year, the commission has been asked to look at options for a minimum wage premium for non-guaranteed hours as part of the government’s response to the Taylor review of modern working practices and they want to hear what businesses and workers think of this. Do you have ideas for alternatives means for tackling the issue of one-sided flexibility in work, which can be a source of insecurity for workers
  • A focus this year will be on the level and workings of the rates for workers aged under 25 – and the LPC want to hear about how these work in practice for employers and workers

If you would like to attend any of their meetings or indeed host a visit please email the Low Pay Commission [email protected].

Full details are available at the LPC webpages on GOV.UK.