Make use of the Specialist Interest Groups

12 April 2017

The benefits of the SIG

  1. As a member you can join any of the online forums that interest you
  2. You can start a discussion with other members
  3. Other group members can then add their comments/views to this discussion
  4. The policy team will also be viewing the discussions, however where a piece of news is shared by the policy team, this will be placed under the news tab
  5. The policy team will use the document tab to place documents on the SIG, for example a consultation document, or a CIPP response
  6. The policy team and SIG chairs use the events tab to advise members of consultation forums and other topical events that may be of interest to members

Some of our SIGs

  • Local authority group
  • Friends of automatic enrolment
  • NHS
  • Education
  • Small businesses

How to join a SIG?
To add to or update your SIGs use the SIG tab in the My CIPP area of the website. SIGs are a member benefit for associate, full and fellow members only, if you would like to upgrade your membership, please email us.