HMRC invites you to check out your medical benefits on the new Personal Tax Account service

22 October 2015

Earlier this year we published a request from HMRC in which they asked for volunteers to test a new element of the Personal Tax Account (PTA) digital service called ‘Check your Income Tax estimate’. A service for individual employees rather than employers, HMRC were looking for volunteers to test the service for them. A number of CIPP members volunteered and HMRC were very grateful for their input. HMRC are now looking for volunteers to test a further element of the PTA covering medical benefits.

Once again HMRC are looking for volunteers in an individual capacity rather than as an employer. Only those users who currently receive a medical benefit will be able to view this particular information, although other users will still be able to view the rest of their account.

If you currently receive a medical benefit and would like to help, and have already tested the PTA following HMRC’s previous request you will not need to register all your details again and can go straight to the medical benefits area.

If you would like to help but haven’t accessed the PTA before you will need to go through a verification process first and will need the following to hand:

  • a valid passport and/or a photocard driving licence issued in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • access to information about your bank account and/or credit cards, as you will need to be able to answer questions based on your financial accounts and history
  • a mobile phone or tablet.

When you have accessed your account to check your Medical Benefits, you can also easily check some other personal details on the record such as ensuring your address is correct and that HMRC has estimated your income accurately. Both can be updated if they are incorrect.

As you sign out of your tax account, you will be asked to complete a short feedback survey. Please take a few minutes to fill this in. This trial service is available until the end of October. HMRC will then use your feedback to improve the service before it is released more widely.