Members voice

30 January 2014

Members voice is a CIPP member benefit allowing payroll and pension professionals to post questions to the entire CIPP membership base. It widens your pool of expertise and allows you to learn from other payroll and pension professionals’ experiences. Members voice items are listed below, click on the title to read the full item and respond to the question.

Salary sacrifice for cars

3 February 2014

We are looking to introduce salary sacrifice arrangements for company cars.

Salary Sacrifice & AEO's

31 January 2014


Member Kelly Scotford has asked: Should you apply an AEO after the salary sacrifice has been deducted from gross pay?

Payroll/HR Systems Admin


30 January 2014

Member Dave Hardwick has asked: I would like to know what roles other members have in place to look after the system now they are evolving so much.

Payroll Team Size

30 January 2014

I work for an organisation that pays around 1600 employees. I was wondering if any similar sized companies can let me know how there teams are made up. We currently have a Payroll Manager and 2 Administrators.

Maternity Leave

28 January 2014

I am after some advice on the distribution of annual leave for term time only workers on maternity leave.

RTI obligations

28 January 2014

I would be grateful if members could advise what their current practices are with regard to RTI obligations regarding stock option exercises and share-related income:

Salary increase % for 2014/15

23 January 2014

Member Natalya Vyshnyakova has asked: We are benchmarking salary increase % for 2014/15. What is your company-wide salary increase % is going to be?