Pension Salary Sacrifice

13 January 2014


Member Joelle Longland has asked: We are currently implementing a new salary sacrifice scheme for pensions. We know that HMRC has been previously been strict about the 'only one change per year' rule for a scheme to be classed as a valid salary sacrifice due to having to change T&Cs each time a change is made (by change I'm refering to an employee varying the pension sacrifice amount).

However we feel that is very restrictive in comparison to our current offering and also in conflict with HMRC's communications with regards to Auto Enrolment, about it being very flexible for employees. Does anyone have a SS scheme set up and agree by HMRC with more then one change per year?

We plan on using the additional 'lifestyle change per year' aswell but still would like to offer more flexibility than the published HMRC rules. Many thanks for any info/examples you can provide.