25 July 2011

T.M. Lewin is the latest customer to sign a five-year contract with MidlandHR for iTrent. Now employing 1,200 people, T.M. Lewin was established in 1898 and since then has developed a reputation as a first-class shirt maker and tailor.

Richard Small, Head of HR at T.M. Lewin comments: “Four years ago our company did not have an HR function or any specific HR IT support, although there was a payroll system. The driver for selecting MidlandHR’s iTrent solution was the need for a fully-integrated HR and payroll solution. Having seen iTrent’s functionality, we were confident in what we could achieve through the solution.”

Kevin Blumenthal, head of finance adds: “iTrent’s fully integrated system enables efficiencies by eradicating duplicate tasks and supporting distributed working arrangements.It is also expected to deliver the improved decision making that accessible personal information typically allows. Our chosen solution needed to be user friendly and robust as the second phase of implementation entails deployment in over 90 UK stores. This devolvement of responsibility away from head office and toward Manager and Employee Self-Service will ensure local management assumes responsibility for their own staff and the maintenance of their respective personal information.”

MidlandHR’s managing director, Iain Moffat explains: “T.M. Lewin is an extremely IT-led company so it was essential that the HR function aligned with this and brought up to speed with best practice business processes. Essentially iTrent provides T.M. Lewin with a market leading strategic platform that will take them into the future.

“We are delighted to welcome T.M. Lewin on board with the iTrent solution, following in the footsteps of our other large retail customers such as QVC, Midlands Co-op and HobbyCraft.”

The web-enabled iTrent solution is being implemented in a phased approach with HR and payroll, having gone live at the end of 2010, followed by Manager and Employee Self-Service which will be pushed out to all UK stores over the next one to two years.