Free access to employment law advice

01 December 2015

Access Moorepay's experienced team of HR and employment law subject matter experts free of charge during 2016.

Moorepay makes payroll and HR easy. Founded in 1966, they are one of the UK's leading payroll and HR providers delivering software, services, training and consultancy to over 10,000 clients. With a diverse range of skills, experience and expertise in HR, employment law and health and safety, Moorepay’s subject matter experts are on hand to provide CIPP members with the advice and guidance to stay compliant and up-to-date with the all latest employment legislation.

Any grade of CIPP member can make up to three telephone calls to Moorepay’s advice line on one ongoing case issue from 01/12/15 to 01/12/16.

To take advantage of this membership benefit please call 0845 184 4607 quoting your membership number and CIPP001.

For full terms and conditions please visit the website.