MSc in Business & Reward Management; Research Survey

28 January 2020

I am currently undertaking the MSc in Business and Reward Management offered by Derby University. The final assignment requires the completion of a dissertation in the form of a work-based investigation that aims to address a live strategic organisational issue.


I have decided to focus on evaluating the merits for the CIPP to apply for awarding status with Ofqual and/or potentially, the other public regulators that accredit awarding bodies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. At present, all payroll and pensions qualifications offered by the CIPP are accredited by the institute. The majority are also accredited by our partners who either hold accreditation with a public regulator or possess degree-awarding powers. However, accreditation with a UK public regulator could feasibly further enhance the standing of CIPP qualifications with employers.

The payroll and pensions industries is becoming ever more complex with incessant legislative changes and technological advances, ensuring both remain dynamic disciplines central to the operational effectiveness of all organisations. These factors are driving increased recognition of the professions and the realisation that they have a solid influence in an organisation’s strategic planning. This in turn, ensures the importance that suitable qualifications are offered to those who wish to flourish in either profession.

However, to gauge if accreditation of our qualifications meets the needs of you and the payroll and pensions industries which the CIPP serves to represent, I wish to invite you to complete a short questionnaire to enable you to provide your honest views on this matter.

I believe your opinions on this subject are paramount to ensure the conclusions drawn from this investigation reflect the expectations of the payroll and pensions industries. So please can you spend a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.

I must inform you at this stage that, as your personal details are not required for this questionnaire, nor are they stored on the software used, it will not be possible to withdraw your answers once submitted.

Nonetheless, the information you provide will be kept in the strictest of confidence in accordance with Data Protection Act 2018 and only used for quantifiably analysing the merits of seeking public regulator accreditation for the CIPP. All data received will be kept anonymous, with no feasibility of data being tracked back to its source and will not be passed to any third-parties. Clicking on the attached link will take you to the questionnaire. By accessing this questionnaire, it will be deemed you have consented to participate.

The questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and will be open until Wednesday 29 January 2020.


I thank you in advance for your support by completing this questionnaire. Your thoughts can make a real difference to the continued success of the CIPP and help ensure we continue to focus our efforts on the support of payroll and pension professionals.