Non-compete clauses: call for evidence

01 June 2016

The government previously announced plans to investigate non-compete clauses which can be written into employment contracts and can prevent individuals from competing against their former employer or working for a competitor for a set period of time. A call for evidence has now been published.

The Non-compete clause: call for evidence is seeking views on whether non-compete clauses stifle entrepreneurship and innovation by preventing people from:

  • moving between employers
  • developing innovative ideas
  • creating a start-up
  • growing a business.

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) would like to hear your views, experience, and evidence of non-compete clauses so that they can understand:

  • when and why they are used
  • their prevalence
  • the benefits or disadvantages associated with them.

This call for evidence will run until 19 July 2016.