Helen Dean appointed as new chief executive of NEST

03 July 2015

A recent announcement from NEST has confirmed that Helen Dean, currently NEST’s executive director, product and marketing, has been appointed as NEST’s new chief executive. She will take on the role in the autumn.

Otto Thoresen, NEST Chair, commented:

‘It’s fantastic news that we have been able to appoint somebody with Helen’s background and experience, and her knowledge of NEST, to take over. The next few years are going to be critical ones in terms of ensuring auto enrolment goes smoothly for small and micro businesses. Helen’s frontline experience of the challenges we face will be invaluable in helping NEST to navigate that journey.

Baroness Altmann CBE, Minister of State for Pensions commented:

‘I would like to warmly welcome Helen Dean as the new Chief Executive Officer of NEST Corporation. Helen has played a pivotal role in shaping, developing and implementing the NEST pension scheme established to support the automatic enrolment programme.

‘Automatic enrolment is designed to affect all UK employers and workers, resulting in up to nine million people newly saving towards their retirement. Over the next two years, NEST’s focus will be on the hundreds of thousands of small and micro employers that will begin to enrol their workers into pension schemes, many of whom will choose NEST.’