NEST interface with payroll software

08 May 2014

NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) has provided the following information regarding upgrades to their systems and the important changes employers need to be aware of.

If you’re thinking about changing your systems, you’ll need to read through the updated Employer payroll guide, file templates and NEST file tester to make sure you’re using the right file formats. You’ll find all these guides here.

What’s changed?

Contribution data

  • There’s one new field available to provide a second pay figure if you need to. You only need to use this field if the member is on family leave. If you don’t provide this field we’ll process the data as usual.
  • We’ve introduced a new reason code so that you can move a member’s payment source and group at the same time.
  • We’ve made validating effective dates simpler, and in many cases, removed the need to provide an effective date altogether. If you provide an effective date where it’s not needed, we’ll ignore it.

Opt-out data to your secure mailbox

  • You’ll now receive lists of members who opted out as CSV files instead of PDF attachments. This will go straight to secure mailboxes.
  • We’re also attaching a new CSV file of ‘expected contributions’ which is sent to secure mailboxes too.

Enrolment cancellations data to your secure mailbox

  • We’re consolidating all messages about enrolment cancellations into one daily message. It’ll contain one CSV file listing all members whose enrolments we cancelled that day.
  • We’ll also attach a new CSV file of ‘expected contributions’ to secure mailboxes.

SFTP return files

  • We’ve introduced some new return files to help out with the refunds process.
  • We’ve added group and payment source information to the opt-out return file.
  • A number of the return file XSDs - used for companies requesting XML return files - have been updated.

You’ll find a full explanation of these changes in the document below.

NEST System changes - April 2014

We regularly improve our service to make it easier to administer of scheme and sometimes this means changing our file formats. We try to make sure these changes don’t impact too much on employers using NEST.

Wherever possible we’ll make sure that if you send us a valid file in the old format, our system will still read it without returning an error. For instance, if we need to add an extra field to a file you send us, we’ll add it to the end of the header, detail or trailer record. We’ll continue to accept files that don’t contain a value for this new field, but we do encourage you to update your processes to use the new file format as soon as you can.

Be aware: changes to our file formats can also affect some of the files we send to you. You’ll need to make sure your system can process extra fields at the end of header, detail or trailer records so it recognises files that contain extra fields without rejecting them. This applies to you if you’ve chosen to receive CSV or XML return files through SFTP or if you use the CSV files we send to your secure mailbox.