New CIPP Quickpoll specifically for service providers and bureaux: Number of clients per team member?

18 May 2022

Calling all accountancy firms, payroll bureaux, shared business services and other service providers! We want to know how many clients on average payroll professionals are providing services to. This research will help highlight the complexity of roles that provide payroll services for more than just one employer.

Working in a service role can be very different to an in-house payroll job, and often very busy. Although clients come in different sizes and perhaps the number of clients isn’t necessarily the most accurate measure for amount of work, this research aims to highlight the responsibility of an average payroll service team member.

The CIPP Policy team are keen to support and benefit any payroll professional in their varied roles. We have also created platforms to support members in specific fields. There are Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs) for service providers and bureaux, join any groups you are a part of and start discussions on any topics you would find beneficial! SIGs are designed for members to share and resolve issues, concerns or queries with other professionals within the same industry. The CIPP provides support and answers queries, but the groups are designed to be self-serving.

Head over to our news page to complete our quick poll, it takes less than a minute of your time and gives us valuable insights into what payroll professionals are thinking.

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