New review into the future of work

20 May 2022

Conservative MP, Matt Warman, has been asked by prime minister, Boris Johnson, to lead a review into the ways in which the government can support a thriving future UK labour market.

The review will focus on how the government can shape the UK’s labour market, as we move away from the impacts of coronavirus, to ensure it is fit for the future. In doing so,  it will consider any potential challenges.

The objectives of the review, listed in the terms of reference are as follows:

•    Development of pre-existing government commitments, which will include some of those established in response to the Matthew Taylor Review
•    Issuing more detailed analysis on certain issues, which will involve liaison with a range of stakeholders, and could include looking at international comparisons
•    Making recommendations by which to guide long-term, strategic policy making on the labour market.

The review will be carried out in two parts:

1.)    A high-level assessment of key strategic issues on the future of work
2.)    A more detailed analysis of the selected areas of focus derived from the first part of the review.

The review will be carried out over the spring and summer of 2022. The findings will then be evaluated and a written report, including recommendations, will be sent to the prime minister.

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