New universal credit web tool

09 August 2016

Since 2013, universal credit has been rolling out and progressing very slowly by postcode area. Two different systems are also running alongside each other so to assist with the confusion this is causing, a new eligibility universal credit web tool has been created.

To complicate matters further, the two different systems running alongside each other and the rules about who can claim universal credit are different under each. As the full (digital) service rolls out, HMRC will no longer accept tax credit claims for people under state pension credit age in those areas. It can be very confusing for both claimants and advisers to understand the position and also how existing claimants will be affected.

As a result, and to help people check whether they are eligible to submit a claim for universal credit in their post code area as well as the status of tax credit and other benefit claims, a universal credit tool has been created.

Simply enter a postcode and the tool will tell you:

  • whether you are eligible to make a claim for universal credit in that postcode and, if so, the conditions for claiming
  • future universal credit plans for your area
  • whether you can currently claim tax credits and other benefits in your area
  • what universal credit means for existing tax credit claimants
  • links to detailed information about universal credit and moving from tax credits to universal credit
  • details of independent local advice organisations in your area.

Other advice agencies and websites can also make use of the widget which allows the postcode tool to be added to another website.

Universal credit will eventually fully replace working tax credit, child tax credit, income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, income-related employment and support allowance and housing benefit.