New course - payrolling benefits and revocation of dispensations

29 October 2015

This course is designed to guide delegates through the complexities of the tax and NICs rules and to provide them with the tools to begin preparation for the forthcoming changes, as currently envisaged. After attending the course, delegates will be sent special updates in the run up to April 2016 confirming or revising the details when these become known.

Who should attend?

Everyone responsibility or involved with payroll, expense and benefits or polices within their organisation. This could be payroll, human resources or finance professionals who need to be updated about these significant changes in legislation, to understand and recognise the likely implications to their employer and employees.

Course Content

  • New exemption to replace the dispensation regime
    • Last chance to arrange new dispensations
    • Importance of reviewing current dispensations
    • How to reduce the risk of revocation and back-dated tax liability
    • Transitional arrangements for bespoke scale rates
  • Review current expense polices
    • Earnings where employee are entitled to income tax deduction
    • What needs to be reported to HMRC
    • Travel and subsistence
    • Home worker
    • New benchmark scale rates for meal allowances
  • New exemption for trivial benefits
    • Identifying trivial benefits
    • Restrictions
    • Effect on end-of-year reporting
  • Abolition of the £8,500 threshold
    • Impact on benefits for low earners
    • How this effects employers
    • Impact on end-of-year reporting
  • Pay As You Earn Settlement Agreements (PSA)
    • Setting up a PSA
    • Items that can be covered
    • Calculating tax and Class 1B NICs liability
    • Renewing or cancelling PSA
  • Voluntary payrolling of benefits in kind
    • The draft statutory framework for payrolling explained
    • Implications for employees and employers
    • Impact on tax codes and procedures
    • Benefits that can be included and calculating their cash values
    • Effect on end-of-year reporting

Course aims

On completion of this course, delegates will be aware of the proposed legislative changes that will affect various aspects of expenses and benefits from April 2016, and the potential impact on their current policies and procedures. They will know how to prepare for the changes and take advantage of the new opportunities. They will understand the importance of maintaining policies and processes to ensure compliance and to avoid the risk of HMRC revoking dispensations and seeking unpaid tax. Delegates will gain the confidence to meet their obligations and responsibilities to their employer, employees and HMRC in respect of the forthcoming changes.

For more information about this course, please visit our website, email us or phone 0121 712 1000.