NGA Introduces Cloudify Payroll Offering to Accelerate Transition to Cloud HR

28 October 2015

October 27, 2015 - London, UK - NGA Human Resources (NGA HR), a leading provider of payroll and HR services, today announced the release of its Cloudify Payroll offering, an innovative solution to help organizations more quickly transition to the Cloud. NGA’s Cloudify Payroll provides companies with the benefits of Cloud computing -- a hosted service, ongoing innovation and a flexible pricing model -- without the risks associated with rebuilding payroll systems.

NGA’s Cloudify Payroll addresses the needs of organizations that want to move their HR administration, self service and talent functions to the Cloud, but are restricted by their current business-critical OnPremise payroll systems. It provides a risk-free transition path for payroll so companies can enjoy the benefits of Cloud computing without having to re-implement payroll.

“As they transition to the Cloud, many organizations are constrained by their legacy payroll systems; they require a secure and stable solution for ERP-based payroll,” says Russell Sheldon, CIO at NGA Human Resources. “Based on our unique combination of technology implementation skills and BPO expertise, NGA can take on an organization’s ERP-based payroll function, helping accelerate their transition to the Cloud without requiring a high-risk payroll transformation.”

NGA Cloudify Payroll allows employers to transfer their global ERP-based payroll infrastructure to NGA so they can focus on bringing core HR and talent processes into the Cloud. As a specialist HR provider, NGA takes over responsibility for hosting, integrating, maintaining and administering the payroll function. Clients can choose between a hosted payroll service, in which payroll systems are outsourced and experts are retained, or a more comprehensive BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service, which includes the outsourcing of systems, expertise, and payroll process responsibility.

“People are very afraid to move away from what seem to be fairly stable solutions into a Cloud environment,” highlights Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research and Analytics for Sierra-Cedar and leader of the annual HR Systems Survey and Research, in a recent Global Payroll Management Institute publication. “The big fear right now for many organizations is that they’re going to be forced to make a move before they’re ready or know the right answer because their company is pushing for Cloud or because the market is telling them they should.”

Benefits associated with Cloud computing include a secure, scalable and hosted IT environment, flexible pricing options in a “rental model,” and continuous innovation and upgrades. NGA’s Cloudify Payroll adds critical as-a-Service capabilities, such as guaranteed in-country payroll compliance, access to technical and payroll experts in 145+ countries around the world, pre-packaged integration with various Cloud HR systems, and deployment support for core HR systems in the Cloud. As a result, large employers can accelerate their plans to move HR functions to the Cloud while maintaining a stable payroll function.

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