NI threshold values for use in 2020-21 published by government

31 January 2020

The National Insurance (NI) threshold values for tax year 2020-21 have been published by the government.

The values are as follows:

Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) - £120 / week, £520 / month, £6,240 / year

Primary Threshold (PT) - £183 / week, £792 / month, £9,500 / year

Secondary Threshold (ST) - £169 / week, £732 / month, £8,788 / year

The Upper Earnings Limit (UEL) - £962 / week, £4,167 / month, £50,000 per year

The UEL remains unchanged from the current tax year.

The primary (employee) and secondary (employer) thresholds are different set at different rates for 2020-21 after several years of alignment.

The draft legislation can be located here:

CIPP comment

Please note that this is a draft item of legislation and has not yet been made as a UK Statutory Instrument.


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