National Insurance numbers with prefix KC

08 July 2016

HMRC has published the message below on the Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) error messages and the Pay As You Earn (PAYE): service availability and issues pages on GOV.UK.

We are aware that a small number of National Insurance numbers with prefix 'KC' were issued recently and that these are causing some problems for our customers.

The National Insurance numbers with the prefix 'KC' are valid and customers receiving them should use them as normal.

If you are experiencing issues when submitting Real Time Information (RTI) data for an employee with this National Insurance number, the following steps should be taken:

  • the National Insurance number field should be left blank
  • you should make sure the employee address field is completed in those cases
  • if you/your employee has a 'KC' National Insurance number, they don't need to request a new one.

We are working hard to resolve this issue quickly and will provide more information shortly.