Northern Ireland increase mileage rate for health and social care workers

23 June 2022

Northern Ireland's health minister has announced an increase in the rate of mileage payments for Agenda for Change (AfC) health and social care staff.

Currently, work related mileage is paid at 56p per mile for the first 3,500 miles, and 20p per mile thereafter. The minister has decided to increase the 20p rate to 30p for six months, after which the change will be reviewed. It has also been mentioned that updating the payroll systems will "take some time", but the payments will be backdated. Meanwhile, trusts have been encouraged to issue fuel cards to eligible staff after they have reached the 3,500 mile threshold.

Amidst the current cost of living crisis and soaring fuel prices, health and social care staff that have to make a lot of work-related trips are strongly being affected. The health minister stated: 

“I have taken this decision after careful consideration of options prepared by officials in recent weeks. I need to reiterate that every decision I make to allocate additional monies is taken at risk at present. I do not have a finalised budget and funding pressures in health may be significant by the second half of this financial year.

I am very mindful of the cost of living pressures on health and social care staff and across the wider community. While I am pleased to confirm this mileage rate increase, I would also stress that a sustained and funded cross-Departmental approach is the best way to address cost of living issues and provide our citizens with the support they need.”



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