NOW Pensions launches online file validator

20 February 2015

NOW Pensions has launched an online file validator tool to help employers, payroll bureaux and advisers avoid data errors when uploading payroll files to their portal.

According to NOW Pensions, mistakes and missing data in payroll files are a common cause of problems with the auto enrolment process across the industry. The file validator tool, NOW Pensions says has been built specifically to tackle this issue by allowing users of the NOW Pensions employer portal to test that the payroll file is in the correct format with all data cells complete, before it is uploaded to the live environment at which point correcting errors is more difficult.

The file validator tool scans the payroll file and provides a report highlighting any problems it identifies such as a missing date of birth, e-mail address or gross pay figure, which could cause the file to be rejected.

This report can then be downloaded so that the employer, payroll bureau or adviser can correct the error in their payroll system and re-submit the file.

Read the full press release from NOW Pensions.