CIPP Survey: Off-payroll working in the public sector - reform of the intermediaries legislation

25 July 2016

Survey responses will support the CIPP written response to this consultation and the survey will remain open until 10 August 2016.

Budget 2016 announced proposals to reform the off-payroll rules for personal services companies working for a public sector engager. This consultation is about reforming the intermediaries legislation to improve its effectiveness in the public sector. It seeks views on the impacts of this change and design details of the policy, including a new digital process to help determine whether an intermediary is in scope of the rules.

The consultation asks for opinions on:

  • the scope of the reform of the intermediaries legislation
  • how the reformed rules will work
  • ways to minimise burdens on engagers who are affected.

Also included is a summary of responses to the discussion paper published in 2015.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and we would recommend that you have access to the consultation paper whilst you consider the various subjects and questions.

Thank you in advance for taking part in this survey.