Paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will be abolished

15 May 2015

If you conduct checks on driving licenses for employees, be aware that from 8 June 2015 the DVLA will stop issuing the paper counterpart and those that currently exist will no longer be valid.

If your business or organisation conducts checks on driving licences for customers or employees then you need to be aware of the change.

So how will employers, car hire companies, and anyone else who currently checks the paper counterpart be able to check driving licence information?

The DVLA are currently developing two new digital enquiry services. The first service is ‘Share Driving Licence’ which will provide an online alternative for those who currently have a business need to check the information displayed on the driving licence counterpart. Share Driving Licence will be a free, 24/7 service and is currently scheduled to be available in Spring 2015.

Further information for businesses is available on Inside DVLA blog.

The DVLA are advising drivers to destroy their counterpart after 8 June 2015. Drivers who hold a paper only driving licence (issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998) remain valid and should not be destroyed.

Driving licence holders can get further information on DVLA’s campaign page on GOV.UK.