Accredit your organisations payroll service

05 October 2015

Provide your employees and clients with assurance that your payroll is up to date, compliant and accredited by the CIPP. Demonstrate your organisations professionalism and standards in payroll through the Payroll Assurance Scheme and the Payroll Quality Partnership.

The CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme

The CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme (PAS) has been developed to provide payroll departments with assurance that:

  • Their payroll and associated processes are fit for purpose and comply with government legislation
  • They have the right payroll activities in place
  • They have suitable processes in place for picking up and preparing for legislative changes

The scheme will also highlight areas for development and improvement and help organisations prepare for an HMRC audit.

Benefits of PAS

  • Use of the PAS accreditation logo demonstrating that your organisation is dedicated to compliance and best practice in payroll
  • Reduced risk of compliance penalties from government - engagement in the scheme shows that your organisation is putting reasonable measures in place to ensure that you comply with current legislation
  • Potential improvements in processes leading to greater effectiveness and efficiencies within the payroll function; which will also lead to overall time and cost savings for the organisation


The CIPP Payroll Quality Partnership

The CIPP Payroll Quality Partnership (PQP) is an accreditation for organisations from all industry sectors who wish to achieve “best practice in the development of payroll people”.

Payroll is the biggest expenditure for most businesses; however it is often overlooked. Therefore the objective of PQP is to raise the profile of payroll and encourage a “best practice” approach to maintaining professional competence by enhancing and developing payroll skills and knowledge within the function.

Benefits of PQP

  • Improved performance management
  • Lower staff turnover and absence
  • Increased payroll staff morale as the organisation invests in their development
  • Increased efficiency and added value
  • Focused learning and development


Interested and want to find out more?

Please visit the website via the links below, or phone 0121 712 1000
Payroll Assurance Scheme: email PAS
Payroll Quality Partnership: email PQP