28 May 2024

On 24 May, in the last days of parliament, the Paternity Leave (Bereavement) Bill has achieved Royal Assent, meaning the Paternity Leave (Bereavement) Act 2024 has been passed into law.

The Bill makes provision about paternity leave in cases where a mother, or a person with whom a child is placed or expected to be placed for adoption, dies. It will grant partners automatic rights to paternity leave in these circumstances. 

While this represents a slight increase in administrative burden for payroll and HR professionals, it is a positive step forward in ensuring fairness for employees during difficult times. 

We are yet to find out when this will be implemented; once we receive a date, we will let you know. The exact implementation date and future plans may change as government news develops after the election, However, due to the nature of the bill, it has strong cross-party support and is expected to be introduced at the ealiest convenience. 

This Act will cover England, Scotland and Wales, but not currently Northern Ireland where employment law is devolved. 

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