Pay attachment volunteers needed

26 June 2017


Are the number of pay attachments that you receive from HM Court & Tribunal Service (HMCTS) increasing? If so how are you currently managing that process and particularly when it comes to making payments?


Do you make single payments on a per employee basis or do you make a single payment that covers multiple numbers of employees.


Recognising that the payroll experience can vary enormously, HMCTS would very much like to work alongside payroll professionals to experience the pay attachment journey from the employer perspective, from the point at which notification is first received through to the payment being submitted to HMCTS, in a bid to improve the overall experience both for HMCTS and for the employers and the payroll professionals who serve employers.


Would you be open to sharing your experiences with HMCTS?

If so please contact Samantha Mann, CIPP Senior policy & research officer by email to policy thank you.