15 March 2024

As we near the easter holidays, and payroll year end; it’s time to consider the processing timescales for the year ahead.

With easter falling at the end of March this year, good Friday lands on the last working day of the month, giving some payroll departments a day less for payments to be sent to Bacs.

It’s the ideal opportunity to point out to payroll professionals, that the payment date on the Full Payment Submission (FPS) should always be the contractual pay date. If the pay day is brought forward because it falls on a weekend, bank holiday, or pay is made early at Christmas / New Year, the FPS should continue to show the normal, contractual pay date. The main reason for this is the impact the date has on employees who claim universal credit.

The Bacs Payment System processing calendar 2024 is a valuable tool to help you plan your payroll calendar to ensure that you’re not caught short and avoid missing any important processing dates over busy holiday periods.

The calendar highlights all non-processing days including the bank holidays, so it’s easy to identify the latest submission date for your payments to be sent.

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